Sunday, October 14, 2012

Language, language, language... I want to be a polyglot

I've tried many time to get Function Programming but I can't. Just learn some syntax then forgot all because it's very hard to get them if you don't really use them.

Of cause, everyone will argue, Haskell or a dialect of LISP?
Some answer can be found here:

Haskell like, Smalltalk. They are so pure, and you should learn them for learning many thing.

"Haskell and Lisp are two totally different beasts.
Haskell is kindof "pure functional programming in an ivory tower"
Lisp is kindof "code-is-data / data-is-code / make your own language constructs". You can manipulate your code in whatever way you can imagine.
They are very different. Both share the "functional programming" aspect, but that's really a tiny little common point compared to their differences. Just try them out and you will see how different they are!"

so go for haskell first, then lisp.
Happy coding!

One thing I hate about Haskell is its compile (ghc) is too heavy weight!


Hoang Minh Thang said...

- to be a polyglot, get involved as many FOSS projects you like as possible.
- you got the differences between Haskell & Lisp, but not the common sense - Functional programming. In short, fp is to be realistic (and serious!) enough to just write necessary pieces of code for the program to function.
- spend some time reading my brief post here:
and feel free to leave any comments/questions ;)

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