Friday, January 6, 2012

Android: Frequent mistakes/bugs

(Use Eclipse)
1. When you setOnClickListener on a button, Eclipse requests you change it to other method...
SOLUTION: import android.view.View.OnClickListener;

2. When you write only a service. Installed it into VD and you don't see its start icon. Although you can see that service in "Setting> App Manager> Running Service"
SOLUTION: Create an activity.

3. You edited some file but Eclipse keeps warning you have errors.  
SOLUTION: clean you project : Menu >Project >Clean

4. Some activities or services not run?
SOLUTION: Add them to AndroidManifest

5. You logged something but don't see them?
SOLUTION: Choose device which using by logcat.

6.You use Toast  but it not show on your screen
SOLUTION: did you forget .show() method?

7. Eclipse: Can't bind to local 8600 for debugger.
SOLUTION: In addition to adding " localhost" to your hosts file, make the following changes in Eclipse.
Under Window -> Preferences -> Android -> DDMS:
  • Set Base local debugger port to "8601"
  • Check the box that says "Use ADBHOST" and the value should be ""
Then, call adb kill-server followed by adb start-server  
After done, if it still not work. Restart your computer

8. Bug when you want to change your UI
SOLUTION: Use  View.invalidate();

9.Error : NoSuchFieldError R$id...
SOLUTION: change that xml layout

10. Connect adb with you device  on Linux. Enter adb devices and get "Unknow device"
SOLUTION: sudo adb kill-server, sudo adb start-server, sudo adb service

11. Eclipse stops responding when changing to DDMS perspective

SOLUTION: The problem was that AVD hanged somewhere at 27% and then I couldn't do really anything with Eclipse. The problem is somewhere in the AVD and re-installing the AVD didn't help me.
Instead this seems to work every time:
  • Start virtual device from Eclipse's Window -> AVD menu
  • Then right click the project and "Debug as -> Android Application"
Here you never need to close the virtual device and it's also a lot faster to use it this way.

12. You are working with dialog and some view inside it not work

SOLUTION: make sure that you are work with approriate views. Maybe some findViewById() should be yourDialog.findViewById();

13. JUnit test
Logcat: Test run failed: Test run incomplete. Expected 1 tests, received 0

SOLUTION: you were using the wrong constructor. Eclipse auto generate the code and it created this:

public LoginTest(String pkg, Class<Login> activityClass) {
    super(pkg, Login.class);

change it to this:

public LoginTest() {
    super("pkg_name", Login.class);

note that all your test function must be start with test and its modifier is public
public void testPreconditions() {

14. Eclipse hangs on loading workbench (after .adt...)
remove .snap file from <<workspace_dir>>/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/ 
then run eclipse -clean

15. Create hotkey for commit current file with Subclipse
In order to get the shortcuts to work, you must go to Window > Customize Perspective, then under the Command Groups Availability tab, check the SVN option. It may require a restart of Eclipse, but the Subclipse keyboard shortcuts will now work.

Then create a key binding for 'Commit'
(under Preferences... General->Keys, search for Commit). Then you just need to click on the row SVN  and hit a key combination => Ok

16. Error on gen folder
check your res files, all filename must start with alphabet, not number.

17. Can't install your app on real device but emulator
Check your manifest, is there any duplicate activity?

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