Sunday, November 13, 2011

List of tools for developing on Linux

make Utility to maintain groups of programs with compiling/linker directives
imake Utility to generate Makefiles from a template.
GNU autoconf Tool used to generate configure script. Requires GNU m4.
gHex Binary Editor and Viewer
beav Binary Editor and Viewer
od dump files in octal and other formats. od -c will try to dump everthing as ascii.
xxd make a hexdump or do the reverse
strings Print the strings of printable characters found in a file.
install copy files and set attributes (ginstall)
m4 Macro language for builing configuration files
objdump display assembler information from object files
nm display symbol table from an object file
readelf Displays information about ELF format object files.
ar Create, modify, and extract from archives
ranlib Generate index to archive
ldconfig determine run-time link bindings
ldd Print shared library dependencies for an executable
(i.e.: ldd `which xpdf`)
GNU libtool Used to generate shared libraries.
ipcs Report interprocess communication facility status for queues, shared memory, semaphores
iprm Remove queues, shared memory, or semaphores


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