Saturday, September 24, 2011

Be better...

Back from HUST's IT - Olympic contest.
Lots things to think
Lots things to do

To win this contest, must solve 3 complicated problems in 180 minutes.
2 ways to go:
1. Solve as much as possible, got EXP
2. Create a model process to follow.

I choose 2.
Solved 82 ProjectEuler problems, but I didn't get many as it should be. Cos just solve and go. I learned almost nothing :(

To do list:
- Resolve all 82 problems by Java (vim/API only - no IDE)
- Essential all techniques: backtracking, brute force, memoization, recursive, dynamic programming.
- Create form to solve problem.

No matter how much I learn, but how much I get @@

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